François Doucet confisery opened in Oraison

Start-up by François and Maggy Doucet. Confectionery is a long family story for François. Théodore Vieillard, his great grand-father, created the French fruit paste from Auvergne.

Located in Oraison, in the heart of the Orchards of Provence, enjoyed with an ideal climate for fruits production, the company gets the best fruit (apricot, pear, apple, peach, quince, fig…) and almonds of Provence supplies.

François Doucet starts making glazed fruit jellies in the shape of pears and apricots, using fruit grown in Provence. The company starts developing an international market.


The original plant gradually became too small, requiring the company to moveand establish new 1,000m² premises in Oraison’s recently opened industrial estate.


The brand receives numerous awards while demand constantly increases. The company doubles its production capacity. It releases the first chocolate-coated dried fruits.


The François Doucet Confiseur factory store opens for on-site sales. The company releases its first Coeurs de Fruits (chocolate-coated fruit jellies).


The company opens its first website for showcasing and institutional purposes. It also invests in a packing chain to wrap the fruit paste bars, as well as new, high-nutrition value recipes.


In a bid to boost and rationalize fruit paste production, François Doucet Confiseur invests in a new workshop, thus increasing the initial surface threefold, and adopts the latest moulding techniques for its Fruit Jellies.


A Legend from Provence

Nowadays, Jean-Marc Doucet (on the right) manages the company with Ronan Autret. A team perpetuates artisanal know-how and proposes each year new flavours and new taste experiences to offer an oustanding and high-quality product.


Blue Ribbons awarded


-year History