Tradition through production

Discover authenticity
Of our Provençal confectionery.

François Doucet Confiseur

Our Know-How

At François Doucet Confiseur, mankind’s heritage and know-how are values that we apply on a daily basis.

For about 50 years now, our teams have been perpetuating and improving the traditional techniques used in artisanal confectionery and chocolate-making. Combined with coating, cooking and pouring techniques, the creative recipes formulated in our Oraison workshops give birth to outstanding confections, ranked among the most popular for their flavours and their quality taste.

Closely-guarded know-how

French Fruit Jellies

This is the top of the line at François Doucet Confiseur, representing a closely-guarded know-how where we can sublimate fruit flavours by incorporating the very essence of the fruit.
The assortment includes Grand Marnier© apricot, rum pineapple, blackcurrant, Poire Williams pear, raspberry.

Our French fruit jellies are made from “Orangés de Provence” apricots and/or “Williams des Hautes Alpes” pears. The jellies come in the shape of fruits, palets, square wands…

Certain techniques have not changed since 1969. Man is still at the core of the manufacturing process. We take the time required to perform every step and to verify the finished product by hand. So that we deliver what we believe to be the best confectionery around.