Quality & Raw Materials

Discover the authenticity
of our Provençal confectionery.

Our orchards of Provence

Quality & Raw Materials

Nothing should be allowed to hinder the search for the best fresh or dried
fruits, or their selection. So it is for the plump, sweet almond of Provence,
the only one able to generate a contrast in taste and texture between
the centre of a confection and its coating. For our upscale gourmet fruit
jellies, we go as far as selecting the best fruit varieties right off the tree to
be harvested at peak maturity.

They include Orangé de Provence apricot,
Provencal quince, Pear William from the Upper Alps, Golden Delicious
from the Alps, White fig from the Var and many more.

Almonds from Provence

François Doucet Confiseur: top buyer of French almonds

Lauranne, Ferragnes, Ferraduelle…
Ever since it was founded, François Doucet Confiseur has preferred French almonds, especially from Provence, for they are sweeter and plumper than the foreign varieties. We are now the top buyer of French almonds, and we are providing support to the production of Provencal almonds as part of a recovery plan initiated by the Board of Agriculture