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We are delighted to announce that we have received the Gault & Millau label for two of our new products this year. We have been included in this prestigious guide for nearly a year now.


For a year now already, we have been honoured to be included in the Gault & Millau guide’s selection of artisans. It is a French gastronomy guide that was founded by Henri Gault and Christian Millau in 1972. This guide created by two former journalists who became food critics is now a leading authority on French gastronomy. A true expert in matters of the palate, Gault & Millau awards its label to the finest practitioners of French culinary arts. In their selection, you will find restaurants, hotels, wines and spirits, as well as artisans, which is the category that we belong to.

It is a great honour for us to see François Doucet Confiseur in such a prestigious guide. This year’s good news included having two of our products singled out for recognition by the Gault & Millau label.


First and foremost, it is the entire Origin range that particularly appealed to the guide’s teams, since it was our Origin box that was selected by them. The box contains six compartments, each one dedicated to an Origin chocolate confectionery.

This collection is created with characterful chocolates that come from specific origins. For chocolates produced using responsible and sustainable practices, we are a partner of the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which guarantees the origin of the cocoa and fair pay for farmers. As a member of this foundation, our company supports responsible and fair cocoa farming.

Our Origin box includes the entire Origin range, comprised of delicious Provençal almonds coated in exceptional chocolates:

  • Santo Domingo 60% chocolate: a delicious cocoa flavour marked by pleasant bitterness and floral, fruity flavours;
  • São Tomé 70%: this rich chocolate offers a moreish feeling of dark chocolate mousse and freshly roasted cocoa nibs;
  • Vietnam 73%: the strongest and most intense, this chocolate offers attractive citrus, wood and tobacco notes;
  • The latest addition, Peru 63%: a pure dark chocolate from Peru with notes of citrus and zesty fruits;
  • To complete the range, a milk chocolate from Papua New Guinea is married beautifully with a delicious Provençal almond and a hazelnut from the south of France. A flavoursome chocolate with notes of smoked wood from Papua New Guinea.

This box, which includes six coated almond and hazelnut confectioneries, will delight your palate. Offering something for all tastes, these characterful chocolates beautifully enhance our nuts.


This season, one of our major new products was the two-chocolate pistachio. Inspired by our chocolate-coated turbined almonds and hazelnuts, our teams decided to create something new. Following several tests, we finally managed to produce a delicious pistachio coated in milk or white chocolate.

A high-quality, lightly roasted pistachio is combined with flavoursome 37% Papua New Guinea milk chocolate, with notes of smoked wood, the same one that is used to coat our almonds and hazelnuts in the Origin collection. It is also coated in a rich and sweet white chocolate, tinted with a touch of spirulina. The ingredients are finely balanced to produce a mouth-watering combination of sweetness and flavours.

We decided to tint the white chocolate coating with spirulina to produce a very light green that recalls the colour of pistachio. Because it is important to us that our confectioneries are as natural as possible, all of our new products are tinted using nothing but natural ingredients.


The teams that make up François Doucet Confiseur explore, test and develop new recipes for both our traditional confectioneries and the creation of new sweet treats. This year, their work has been rewarded once again, in particular by receiving the prestigious Gault & Millau label. They are dedicated to bringing our clients ever more original products that are packed with taste. While experimenting with novelty in confectionery can sometimes be an arduous process, it is a reflection of our pursuit of excellence. Rather than pursuing easy wins, our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between the various flavours of the ingredients for a unique taste experience.

The 60 talented individuals who make our company what it is perpetuate the ancestral techniques contributed by François Doucet. They lovingly prepare our flavour-filled recipes to produce exceptional confectioneries that are born of the lands of Provence. With our fruit jellies, our coated dried fruits, almonds and hazelnuts, and our chocolate-coated fruit jellies, you are sure to find a confectionery for you at François Doucet Confiseur.

This achievement comes as recognition for the work of each individual at our company.

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